Solution Design

At SEIS, we understand there are many paths which can be taken when it comes to designing software solutions.

Our approach is to combine our business management leadership experience and our technical expertise to deliver solutions that meet our client’s requirements.

We partner with our clients to analyze their needs before we go to the drawing board. During the design process, we continue to collaborate with the client to ensure the design will meet the stated objectives.

Once the design has been agreed upon, our expert developers will create the solution and work with the client to meet an aggressive implementation schedule.

All our clients return to us for future project time after time because of the high levels of client satisfaction we achieve. Our ultimate goal is to deliver solutions that will exceed client expectations.

Depending upon client needs, we can offer one or more of the following services:

  • Application Development
  • Data Integration
  • SharePoint Services

Services (PDF version)

Application Development

At SEIS, Application Development encompasses the software development process, lifecycle support, and implementation strategy.

Our professionals have the expertise to offer a variety of solutions to help automate processes and activities for any industry and all levels of complexity.

SEIS subject matter experts are determined to provide high quality service to each client, whether the solution is a single, simple macro or multiple, complex applications.

SEIS has subject matter experts in a wide variety of disciplines to offer software testing and maintenance. Our bottom line is complete and total client satisfaction.

Data Integration

Information systems vary greatly in terms of system architecture. Typically, these systems are separate, stove-piped systems not intended or designed to interact with each other.

Data integration is the process of analyzing data relationships and merging disparate information systems into a single, virtual asset.

At SEIS, we partner with our clients to conduct data discovery and validate the completeness of the data set. After validation, we go through our data cleansing and monitoring processes to ensure data quality is consistent and that data sources are readily available.

Finally, our data experts will perform a data transformation process to ensure the data meets our client’s needs. The end result is to provide a product that will enable our clients to make better business decisions and improve their business processes.

Sharepoint Services

Small and large companies alike have been implementing SharePoint services to improve team collaboration and business process adherence.

At SEIS, our solution designers are experts in the intricacies of SharePoint and have delivered various complex solutions to our clients.

We first interview our clients to understand the true business need, current business process challenges, and the expected business efficiencies. Our solution designers will then determine the most effective approach using standard SharePoint functionality and custom coding as required.

SharePoint services has a lot to offer and our solution designers have both the IT expertise and business acumen to ensure our client’s environment meet their business needs.