Business Process Re-engineering

Business competitive advantages are not just based upon products and services sold, but also how they are delivered. Products and services can be replicated by both local and global competitors, therefore small and large businesses alike must differentiate themselves based on their internal business processes.

To stay ahead of the competition, business leaders should focus on Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to ensure their processes are as efficient as possible.

At SEIS, we combine our business management leadership experience and our technical expertise to analyze our client's day-to-day processes. We partner with our clients to analyze their day to day processes and determine the appropriate level of process automation and optimization.

The ultimate goal is to ensure our client's business processes are simplified and metrics can be generated to monitor adherence.

Depending upon client needs, we can offer one or more of the following services:

  • Process Simplification
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Automation
  • Process Metrics & Reporting

Services (PDF version)

Process Simplification

A common trait amongst successful businesses is their ability to obtain operational excellence through reviewing internal processes to gain operational efficiencies.

The SEIS team has a very deep and broad understanding of both business management and technical teams daily activities.

The ultimate goal of process simplification is to break down large complex processes into more feasible and manageable tasks that can quickly be understood and repeatedly followed by every employee.

Our focus is to eliminate wasteful or non-value added tasks, reduce cycle time, and remove defects or re-work activities. In many cases, process simplification can be accomplished by conducting process review meetings, story board sessions, and minimal system development.

Process Automation

As businesses grow, so do customer expectations. Customers want products faster, with higher quality, and with greater consistency.

That is why businesses need to continue not only simplifying the way they deliver products and services, but determining how to automate tasks to contain cost and enforce consistency.

SEIS can assist large and small businesses in their efforts to review current process steps, determine the appropriate level of automation, and implement controlled workflow steps or develop custom software to meet their strategic business requirements.

Process Optimization

To ensure your business is running efficiently, it is important to review how interlinked organizational processes are performing.

The needs of one organization and constraints of another are critical success factors to your business' success.

At SEIS, we are experienced with conducting in-depth process analysis and producing simulation storyboards with an optimized cross organizational business process flow.

Our focus and attention is to ensure all organizational constraints are being met and operational performance targets can be measured for success.

Process Metrics&Reporting

Process metrics and reporting assist businesses to evaluate and control the performance of resources.

Metrics are also used to communicate overall performance and to identify gaps between performance and expectations.

It is critical to have a solid set of process metrics consistently generated and reviewed to celebrate victories as well as identify areas for improvement.

At SEIS, we partner with our client's key stakeholders to identify process measurement points, set expectation criteria, develop metrics, and implement executive dashboards for monitoring and reporting purposes.

The final solution can be used to report process adherence objectives, service level agreement attainment, or internal service level objective measurements.